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Turbo Tiger Sweeper

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The Turbo Tiger makes sweeping faster and easier than ever before. It picks up spilled coffee grinds, rice, sugar, and even pet hair almost instantly. Triple Turbo Sweeping Action generates a cyclonic whisk—three rapidly rotating brushes reach out, grab, and capture everything in their path. Turbo Tiger’s extended side bristles reach beyond the sweeper to grab the filth. They go deep under cabinets, heaters, beds, and all along the baseboards and side moldings. Built-in dustpan means no bending over. Just lift, open, and dump!

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1 Turbo Tiger Sweeper

  • 360° Swivel Head = Easy Maneuverability in Any Direction
  • Gobbles Up Spilled Cereal & Crushed Chips
  • Handle Swings All the Way Down to Get Under Furniture
  • Squeegee Keeps Your Floor Barefoot Clean
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